RASCALS RETREAT, ROVERS REST & our VAGABONDS ROOM, offer lovely, warm, comfortable accommodation with relaxing music to listen to during those quiet reflective moments.

There are covered external runs allowing your dog freedom of movement between his sleeping quarters & outdoor run during daylight hours.
All dogs have individual kennels except if they are from the same household, when they may share if desired.

Jack's Corner
Jack’s Corner


JACK’S CORNER, our Indoor Cattery (newly refurbished 2009) has lovely bright individual chalets, with sleeping areas, runs, and sunning shelves with viewing windows, allowing the cats the opportunity to sit in peace and tranquillity (Classical music to listen to) and watch the world go by.


  • Dogs (exercise) – At least 4 walks daily.
  • Cats (play & hugs time) – Lots throughout the day.
  • Free sleepover (one night) – weekdays only ( for those pets who are new to boarding Kennels.
  • Dog Grooming Service – whether it’s bath & freshen for home or the full works.
  • Day Care Service