Terms and Conditions


Vaccination card/s must be up to date & presented on arrival. Pets will not be accepted into Kennels / Cattery without them.
All pets must be vaccinated as stipulated below.

DOGS BOOSTER: If due month of booking, please update a minimum of 2 weeks before arrival.

  • DHP: Distemper – Hepatitis – Parvovirus *
  • L4: Leptospirosis
  • K.C: Bordetella & Para Influenza (Live Vaccine) * Guests will NOT be admitted if vaccine is given less than 2 weeks before arrival.

CATS BOOSTER: If due month of booking, please update a minimum of 2 weeks before arrival.

  • TRICAT: FCV (Cat Flu) FHV (Cat Flu) FPLV (Enteritis)
  • FeLV: Feline Leukaemia

ALL PETS: (As required by Highland Council Protective Services E.H.O)

  • WORM. TICK. FLEA TREATMENT – Must be up to date before arrival date.
  • ALL DOGS: Securely fitted with a Collar & I.D. Tag (with legal requirements for Dog ownership)


All animals whilst boarded at these premises are covered for –

  • Veterinary Fee Benefit, maximum£1500 per animal in the period of insurance#
  • Death Benefit, maximum £1500 per animal in the period of insurance.
  • Loss by theft or straying, maximum £1500 per animal in the period of insurance
  • Loss of Boarding Fees, maximum £350 per animal in the period of insurance.
  • Advertising & Reward, maximum £350 per animal in the period of insurance.
  • Animals in transit, maximum £2000 per animal in period of insurance

Policy Terms & Conditions apply. Cover does not extend to pre-existing Veterinary Conditions.

EMERGENCY TREATMENT: (Health & Safety of Animals)

We will take every precaution to ensure the Health, Safety & Welfare of all Dogs & Cats in our care. Immediate action will be taken if a guest develops any illness or condition after arrival, which requires veterinary attention or treatment. A vet will be called & your emergency contact will be notified. The cost of such attention / treatment will be added to your fees if applicable. Should a pet die of any cause whatever, we, having taken every precaution, cannot be held responsible.

EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS: (As required by Highland Council Protective Services E.H.O.)

  • Local Contact Name, Address, Telephone Number. Email address.

** Note ** – Please make sure that the contact is aware that we have their name, address, telephone number & email.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to any animal should it have a Medical Condition or Behavioural Issues NOT disclosed at time of booking We reserve the right to refuse admission to any animal that appears unwell without prior agreement of Treatment or Knowledge.

We require owners’ consent of any animal requiring the administration of any Medication – Injections – Treatment.
We require from the owner, adequate supply & labelling of any Medication to be administered & also clear written instructions at time of booking.
** We accept no liability for the storage of Medication.

ANIMALS SHARING ACCOMMODATION: (From same household only)
Whilst every care will be taken for all animals boarding, ultimately the animals are boarded at the owners’ own risk. We & our insurers will not accept costs / responsibility for any injuries resulting from any animals sharing accommodation at the owners’ request. We also require consent to separate such animals for health & safety.

All bookings are provisional & require confirmation by Email – Booking Form & may be subject to a 20% non-refundable deposit.
** Without confirmation, your pets’ accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

Bookings without deposit may be cancelled or rebooked accordingly (unless booked at our discretion)
Cancellations giving more than 24 hours’ notice will require no further charge, but any deposits paid, are non-refundable.
If you fail to arrive or cancel giving less than 24 hours’ notice, the balance will be due. Any future bookings will be cancelled also, if no notification received.
Should any animal be removed before the end of period of boarding, full boarding fees are payable (this does not affect your statutory rights)
Any animal not collected within 14 days of due discharge date – no communication having been received. The Kennel owner may assume responsibility for the animal’s future.

BOARDING FEES / DEPOSITS / BALANCE PAYMENTS: We accept Cash – Bank Transfer only.
Boarding Fees are chargeable per day or part of day.
All prices include day of arrival & up to 10am day of departure * thereafter charged for full day.

Dogs: One main meal per day (including biscuits)
Cats: Two meals per day (including biscuits.)
All additional meals are charged for accordingly.

** We offer no discount if you choose to bring your pets own foods.
Balance of Fees to be settled on discharge or if paying by Bank Transfer, this is due before arrival to collect animal/s on day of departure.
** We reserve the right to hold the animal/s until full payment is received.